A World of Service by JASSS & Ben Kreukniet

AV live

Berlin-based sound artist, producer and DJ Silvia Jiménez Alvar aka JASSS fuses post-club productions with baroque pop sensibility. Her full-length debut through Berghain’s Ostgut Ton label, ‘A World of Service’, started life as a monthly radio show but morphed into an expansive multi-sensory touring concept JASSS created in collaboration with visual artist Ben Kreukniet. 

“A World of Service (AWOS) is an audiovisual performance about dissolving boundaries. It consists of sonic and visual assembles inconstant mutation between natural and synthetic states, representative of nature and nurture. New audio landscapes collide with echoes from JASSS’s previously released album of the same name. Using 3D scanning techniques, the show recycles the present and creates a rapid passage through bodies and environments which act as projection of our ideals and value systems. Familiar objects and spaces are deconstructed and re-transcribed to signify the subjectivity of our perception. Revealing the forces between us, how we shape our environment, and how it shapes us.”