Ancestral Vision & h5io6i54k & realitycongress

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Ancestral Vision is a Prague-based producer, DJ, sound designer & co-founder of the hybrid electronics label and radio show UNIZONE. In his music you can hear deep melting pot of hybridized club forms, self-collected field recordings and both alien and organic textural sound design. Ancestral Vision is often shifting gears between genres, rhythms, tempos and moods, sometimes even within a single track. His works could be found in the discographies of labels like Club Late Music, JEROME, DESTITUTE, Oramics, Red for Colourblind and Unizone. This year the glimpses of his upcoming EP will get a premiere at Lunchmeat Festival, where he will be joined by h5io6i54k (Lukáš Prokop) and realitycongress (Šimon Levitner). H5io6i54k is building his own fictitious words inspired by posthumanism and non-anthropocentric thinking. realitycongress is member of BCAA System and has exibited his works in various galleries.