Symposium on Digital Arts: Talks & Workshops

The scene is us and uncertainty is what we know how to navigate. Crises collide and we share concerns. But still, we see you doing great things. Join us in reflecting on collective affairs and adventures on the audiovisual scene and discussing relationships, values, craft, technology, visions, and feelings with creators from different art spheres.

Make yourself comfortable, listen, ask, discuss and explore different voices and faces of Lunchmeat Festival and guests!

With the support of the City of Prague, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Czech Centres, the National Gallery Prague, Vinyla Music Awards, Bastl Instruments and Soundsystém / A2larm.


— Central and Eastern European Music & Western Media
— Collective Affairs: Local Music Infrastructure
— Generative systems / the Use of AI & Festival Identity
— Synthetic Modulation and Healing Power of voice
— Analogue Approaches to Visual Music
— Writing about music
— Modular synthesizers
— Creative music programming for kids

The Symposium is taking place in the Korzo – Veletržní palác, National Gallery Prague and the whole program is FREE OF CHARGE.

Friday, Sep 30th

11.00 – 15.00 Workshop: How To Write About Music w/ Derek Walmsley (in EN)
UPD: Fully Booked

— Derek Walmsley (The Wire)

For those looking to unlock their music writing skills, bolster their journalistic credentials or hone their style, get practical tips on working in the industry, or just find the answers as to what makes writing about music a magical realm, this practical workshop designed for enthusiasts, amateurs, journalists, musicians and all in between is there for you.

Derek Walmsley is the editor of the longrunning independent London music magazine The Wire. He has written about music since 2004 and contributed also to London Review of Books, Resident Advisor, The Quietus, When Saturday Comes and more.

Capacity of the workshop is booked.

16.30 – 17.30 Generative Systems And AI In Festival’s Identity (talk in EN)

— Dita Malečková (philosopher and independent artificial intelligence/AI researcher)
— Jan Tyl (CEO of Alpha Industries s. r. o.)

How does current artificial intelligence work? How will it affect our lives? In the lecture and subsequent discussion, Dita and Jan will discuss both the principles of contemporary AI and their own projects in which they used neural networks in the field of artistic creation. They will also tell us more about the collaboration with Lunchmeat Festival and Molly – a tool of their creation that stands behind this year festival’s identity.

17.30 – 19.00 Across The Glass Curtain: Central And Eastern European Music & Western Media (discussion in EN)

— Chris Bohn (The Wire)
— Jaša Bužinel (The Quietus)
— Łukasz Warna-Wiesławski (independent journalist) 

host: Miloš Hroch (The Wire)

Last year, an anonymous online pressure group accused UK & US music press of having a blindspot regarding sounds and music from former Eastern Bloc countries (Central and Eastern Europe), as well as other forms of systemic bias. Despite the slow “decentralisation” and positive change in some enlightened publications, the change and visibility are distributed differently.

What are the prevailing glass ceilings in the music industry, and is there a strategy to push through them – for artists, journalists, or label owners from the former Eastbloc side? On the other hand, what is the editorial strategy in such enlightened publications with global scope? How is this struggle for recognition evolving, and what can be done for more balanced coverage?

Saturday, Oct 1st

10.00 – 13.00 Workshop: Creative Music Programming for Kids (in CZ/SK)

— Fero Király

Unconventional workshop focused on the development of musical creativity for primary school children offers a more contemporary and engaging alternative to the currently used ways of teaching music education in schools. Instead of a passive listening form and memorizing songs, it gives children the opportunity to create and learn music through its creation.

Children will be able to easily compose their first song in a few hours and learn the basic principles of music. The workshop in children playfully strengthens the interest in music and develops their natural talents. Participants are not required to have prior knowledge of music or the ability to play a musical instrument. In the case of a creative music programming workshop, the SonicPi digital instrument becomes a children’s tool.

The workshop is suitable for complete beginners, but also for children who already have experience with music. The age limit is 10 – 15 years.

Fero Király is is an artist and teacher. He deals with art projects with an overlap in performance, sound art and sound installations, interpretations of contemporary music, the development of audiovisual instruments, as well as educational projects in the field of music, multimedia and creative coding. In his pedagogical field, he is the author of the audiovisual musical instrument Zvukodrom for children and music / music education teachers, as well as the Botanical Garden, which contains graphic scores, compositions and sound games for children. The collection has recently established itself in the area of Slovak basic art schools and has become a part of children’s music education.

Free entry
Register at
Capacity of the workshop is limited.

12.00 – 15.00 Workshop: Eurorack Modular Entry (in CZ/EN)
UPD: Fully Booked

— David Herzig (Noise Kitchen / Bastl Instruments)

Are you interested in modular synths, but need some guidance on where to start? What is the role of the modular synthesizer in electronic music? Are you interested in the basic differences between individual types of modules and how it all actually works together? You can learn all this and much more at the workshop dedicated to basic information about modular synthesizers in the popular Eurorack format, and their practical use for working with sound and composing (not only) electronic music.

The workshop program will consist of a theoretical part and practical demonstrations or exercises. There will be also room for Q&A and discussion.

The workshop is suitable for beginners.

David Herzig is a core member of Noise Kitchen. Currently, you can know him from the Czech band Bert & Friends, under his solo name Lotus Wash, from his collaborations with Arleta or from the modular power trio GTA Soundsystem.

In cooperation with Vinyla Music Awards.

Capacity of the workshop is booked.

15.50 – 17.00 Collective Affairs: Local Music Infrastructure (discussion in CZ)

— Tereza Patočková (City and dance culture: Prague rave scene – a series of interviews, Aktuálně.cz,
— Michal Brenner (Czech Centre Stockholm, SHAPE Platform)
— Jonáš Verešpej (Ankali, Gravity Network)

hosts: Karel Veselý, Jiří Špičák (Soundsystém / A2larm)

What are the possibilities that could lead to greater sustainability and stability of the local music and club scene in Prague and the Czech Republic in all its complexity? What role does the city councils and state authorities play in this field? What structures or initiatives are functioning to support local artists at home or even abroad and which one are still lacking?

— recorded live for Soundsystém (A2larm)

17.00 – 17.30 Vinyla – Bastl Electronic Track (interview in CZ)

— Pavel Uretšlégr (Vinyla Music Awards)

host: Anna Ribanská  

The Bastl Electronic Track project was founded in 2021 to support emerging electronic producers. This open call is open to all creators – all they have to do is submit one original track of their own. For the best ones, the Vinyla Award will provide support to create a full-length record. What was the first year like? What kind of support can creators get? Why does it make sense to participate? Presented by the representative of the Vinyla Award, Pavel Uretšlégr.

17.30 – 18.15 Pushing the Boundries of Voice (interview in EN)

— Sian O’Gorman (NYX electronic drone choir)

host: Anna Ribanská  

Named after the omnipotent Goddess of Night, NYX is an electronic drone choir that manipulates and modulates ordinary singing techniques in order to explore the full spectrum of what’s possible with the vocal sound. We will find out more about their boundary-pushing work, healing power of voice, it’s synthetic modulation, community aspect and shared aural experience in music from the choir’s Composer and Music Director Sian O’Gorman.

18.15 – 19.00 Analogue & Live Cinema & Visual Music (artist talk in EN)

— Pedro Maia (filmmaker)

Following Maia’s analogue film manipulations as a point of departure, this artist talk will explore the possibilities of materiality and form within the analogue and live medium. With a focus on the concept of Visual Music and creating live cinema for music, the talk will reflect on the importance of creating visuals in collaboration with musicians and the creative possibilities within.

Pedro Maia is a Portuguese filmmaker that works predominantly with analogue film, pushing the borders of analog manipulations, blurring the boundaries between analog, digital and live cinema. Maia has worked with numerous musicians – Vessel, SHXCXCHCXSH, Lucrecia Dalt, Kevin Richard Martin, Shackleton, Raul Refree, Visionist, Nik Void, Klara Lewis, and many others – creating exhilarating audiovisual shows. His works have been presented in several leading festivals and renown places.

Bastl showroom

Thursday – Saturday, 19.00 – 23.00, Korzo space – upstairs
Electronic music instruments. Synthesizers. Modular synths. All ready to play!

A couple of smaller eurorack modular synth stations, as well as Bastl tabletop units, will be set up for you to experiment, discover and play. Each instrument equipped with headphones ensures comfort to make any sounds and to try any patches you like privately and safely. If you get lost at the beginning, don’t worry, there will always be a Bastl or Noise Kitchen person around to help.

In cooperation with Vinyla Music Awards and Bastl Instruments.