Choreographed theatrics await at Lunchmeat Festival’s annual event at Archa Theatre in the city centre, with a sole performance by Hakanaï, a duo comprised of Claire Bardainne & Adrien Mondot. Loaning their name from an ancient Japanese term encapsulating impermanence, fragility, and the quick brevity of certain transitory states, the word applies itself to humanity’s brief interlude on Earth and the broader ever-repeating cycles of nature in equal measure. In ‘Hakanaï’ the performance, reality and imagination merge, and a dancer ties together the associated concepts through projected images which blur the imaginative and real. Featuring animations drawn from physical movement modelling and a live original score, ‘Hakanaï’ confronts the audience with their own fragile state, and afterwards invites the viewers inside the world of their installation, to bring the performance to tangible, interactive closure.