From creating a fake energy drink campaign to releasing an album on PC Music; Hyd is a performance artist, designer, singer, songwriter and DJ best known for their work as QT, a music project founded in 2014 in collaboration with PC Music founder A. G. Cook and SOPHIE. Their bubbling hit single and video ‘Hey QT’ was one of the defining moments of the burgeoning hyperpop movement. Continuing to work with numerous PC Music producers, they appeared on several A.G. Cook projects before debuting on the label with an eponymous EP as Hyd in 2021. Last year they released their long player ‘Clearing’, featuring four posthumous productions by SOPHIE and collaborations with Jónsi, Caroline Polachek and Easyfun. In a year in which PC Music is about to fold,  Hyd is ready to remind us of the futuristic spark the collective also inspired Lunchmeat Festival.