Disturbed science fiction visions meet warped, hyper-energetic alien soundscapes: Axontorr — the collaborative AV project of Paris-born 3D artist Simon Kounovsky (AKA Axonbody) and acclaimed producer Oliver Torr — premiers at this year´s Lunchmeat Festival. Digital visionary Axonbody has crafted mystical dreamscapes with a futurist touch for the likes of DJ Stingray, Female Pentimento and Synchrodogs, while Oliver Torr is a mainstay of Central Europe´s electronic music community needing no introductoin. His self-released debut album Fragility of Context won the Vinyla Award for the best Czech album of 2021, but he doesn’t rest on his laurels, forever expanding his body of work. Expect a boatload of the unexpected.


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