One of the original dubstep warriors, Pinch emerged from Bristol´s underground to wide regard in 2006 thanks to Planet Mu, who released one of the era-defining tracks of the genre, ‘Qawwali’. His inimitable style, influenced by the Bristolian heritage, mixed the coldest impressions of dub and dancehall into the dark UK dubstep formula. As the founder of Tectonic, Pinch gave voice to many of the future linchpins of the dubstep scene, as well as his own productions. Pinch and Tectonic both remained crucial throughout the rises and falls of dubstep, releasing critical UK Bass, then stylised techno through his Cold Recordings imprint, as Pinch absorbed grime and chilling sound design into his palette. He has collaborated with many titans of British music including Shackleton, Adrian Sherwood, Kahn and Mumdance.