Award-winning composer, sound artist and live performer SØS Gunver Ryberg meets artist and 3D animator Sybil Montet for ‘Weaving Fields’, a Lunchmeat-commissioned AV performance that will see its world premiere at the festival. SØS Gunver Ryberg’s name outside her native Denmark was established in part through her release for Whities (now AD93). Her latest album ‘SPINE’ inaugurated her label Arterial, demonstrating a thundering new musical voice in the realm of experimental club ambient and contemporary sound design. Her extensive compositional and soundtrack work for video games, films, international theatre and dance productions, and art installations has received wide praise, and she was nominated for BAFTA for her soundtrack to the video game INSIDE. Sybil Montet, responsible for the visuals for ‘Weaving Fields’, explores the esoteric potentials of emerging technologies, their interplay with the human subconscious, and their instrumentalisation within systems of power.


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