AYA & Sweatmother
(AV live) (World premiere)

AYA is a human from the Pennines. The Manchester-based experimental producer draws both from pummelling 90’s hardcore breaks and ecstatic ambient. Their work is primarily concerned with the transfigurative power of experience and memory on the physical body. Under their previous alias, LOFT, AYA has released via celebrated and legendary labels such as Tri Angle Records, Astral Plane Recordings and Wisdom Teeth, unleashing a deeply unsettling version of futuristic dance music to great acclaim from critics and ravers alike.

After winning the 2019 NTS WIP international talent competition (through which they now host a regular radio show), at Lunchmeat AYA connects for the first time with Sweatmother, an artist and filmmaker based in London. The project uses experimental techniques and hybrid documentary filmmaking, in collaboration with non-professional actors, to create counter-narratives from within their own communities and subcultures. Their work reclaims the often misplaced voice, body and gaze, by repurposing femme and gender non-conforming identities in spaces where objectification is removed, and the agency and difference in otherness is celebrated.

Links: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Instagram