Collectif Coin presents “MA”
(AV live)

An art lab based in Grenoble (France), Collectif Coin focuses on the production of both monumental shows and intimate installations. Committed to the production of trans-disciplinary work with particular focus on the digital arts, Collectif Coin works around the notions of body, sound and light. At Lunchmeat 2021, Collectif Coin presents its latest project, ‘MA’ – a striking mix of light design and electronic music that questions humans´ representation of the world, and examines the void that emerges when we fail to ask the correct questions.

The collective’s artistic director is Maxime Houot, acclaimed musician, stage designer and tireless “tinkerer” in electronics and microcontrollers. He creates devices that digitally represent a space, and then fashions them to suit the site of his installation. They are all ingrained with his naïve, dreamlike vision of the world, which is both troubled and enchanted. His background as a physician leads to a continuous questioning a constant captivation in the world that evolves around him, and this is part of his inspiration.

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