Fraction presents “Ritual For A Dying Planet”
(AV live) (World premiere)

Fraction is Eric Raynaud, a new media artist whose work focuses in particular on immersive and audiovisual experience design. At Lunchmeat he presents as a world premiere his new audiovisual project Ritual for a dying planet, uncompromising piece that fuses unsettling minimalistic visuals with dark ambient and harsh noise appropriate for the image of the ecological apocalypse it tries to depict.

After 8 years as an indie rock band leader, Eric Raynaud ditched his guitar and pedal distortion for a laptop and his virtual tools and started making electronic music under the name of Fraction. He released his music on labels such as Shitkatapult, Plastiqpassion or Infiné. Never fully satisfied with his artistic expression, one decade ago Raynaud decided to invest all his skills in the field of new media art. In his works he integrates digital materials of different kinds and is fascinated by intensity, energy and ecstasy. Combining complex scenography and hybrid digital writing with visuals, sound and physical media, he aims in particular to forge links between contemporary art and digital scope within the frame of radical experiences.

Links: Website, Soundcloud, Instagram