gertie adelaido b2b Kisstempera presents “SCRAWLERS”
(DJ set)

A DJ set based on everything that is left unsaid: Kisstempera (visual artist and Creepy Teepee founder Jakub Hošek) is working with awkward moments in a melancholic garden: broken thorns jab you with heart-breaking fragility, from forbidden folk blue sadness, to dreamy screamo, contemporary hybrid tunes spilling in an unapologetic order until it feels like an isolated and temporary flashback. gertie adelaido is an open channel and meta-punk creator through the heart of chaos, combining different areas of raw experimental electro, noise and texts, weaving these into mind-blowing narrative concepts.

Together they create the duo-project SCRAWLERS, combining raw lines between madness and mayhem through the heart of immortal glory, from emo-industrial to high-pitched starcraft. Although cracks evoke the feeling of danger, you’ll behold a delicate intimation of reality — and you still can´t explain it to anyone, because it will never set you free anyway.

Links: Soundcloud, Instagram