GTA Soundsystem & Marek Šilpoch
(AV live) (World premiere)

GTA Soundsystem is a project composed of three musicians and sound designers: David Herzig aka Lotus Wash, Oliver Torr and Aid Kid. Each producer brings a distinct approach to audio that is joined into the whole that is GTA Soundsystem. The group’s performances are improvised, which goes hand in hand with the fact that they are specific to the mood of the venue where their performances take place. GTA does not assign to specific musical genres, they rather work on designing a fluid timeline where the individual musicians’ strengths are showcased together, where the sonics can take almost any shape or form, depending on the space, communication between the groups’ members and their individual and collective emotional state.

The performance at Lunchmeat will be joined to light and atmosphere design by visual artist Marek Silpoch, whose work uses physical object based light design, creating a world that uses physical properties of materials to portray Silpoch’s constructed visual reality. Live, he usually improvises the scene’s timeline, which syncs up well with GTA’s impromptu audio aesthetics.