Jan Kulka presents “Pramítačka 2.0”
(AV live)

New worlds of film discovered by unique projection technology: the Archeoscope is a special opto-mechanical projecting apparatus created for live film performances, invented and constructed by Czech filmmaker Jan Kulka. Born as a direct result of reflection on the medium of film itself, it is designed to uncover aspects of film media which have not been technically accessible before, and can be considered a live film performance in its own right.

The Archeoscope can project all traditional film formats, but also a scope of mixed media such as bandages, Scotch tape, laces, bubble wraps — an array as broad as the imagination. At Lunchmeat Jan Kulka will present a new version of his Archeoscope, set to be accompanied by his own sound art. The Archeoscope brings brand new possibilities and radically different ways of perceiving, understanding, and working with film material, alongside modernising creative process of the act of projection.

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