Loraine Jame

Unique pastiches of next level edgy beats, experimental approaches and strong emotions, Loraine James´ music resembles futuristic ballads for imaginary clubs where you do not need to dance. Growing up in North London, James was drawn into the world of music making through her mother. As a child she took piano lessons, and studied music at Westminster University. Her wide exposure to jazz, electronica, UK drill and grime are reassembled through intuitive skills, can be heard on her colourful debut album ‘For You And I’ on Hyperdub, which won Album of the Year accolades in both DJ Mag and Quietus in 2019. 

Loraine James took advantage of 2020’s lockdown to work on her next EP for Hyperdub, ‘Nothing’, as well as self-releasing EPs on Bandcamp and turning in several remixes. Her latest album ‘Reflection’, released in June 2021, is a turbulent expression of inner space, a claustrophobic and uplifting experience that offers gentle empathy and bitter-sweet hope. One of the most acclaimed albums of this year, ‘Reflection’ takes the listener on a personal journey, displaying how a tumultuous year felt for a young, Black, queer woman and her contemporaries, in a world that suddenly stopped moving. 

Links: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Instagram