Lyra Valenza & Signe Dige
(AV live)

Behind the moniker of Lyra Valenza actually hide Jens Konrad and Hjalte, aka the Copenhagen-based duo. They create pulsating tapestries of mischievous electronics that resonate deep within shape-shifting webs of hybridized jungle, footwork extravaganza, high-velocity hardcore and glassy and future-ready atmospherics. Continuously blurring the lines between straight out dancy motifs and mutant FX alterations from outer space, Lyra Valenza’s trouble-brewing, sample-heavy mashups have found an even brighter echo in their live performances, allowing the duo to fully expand the textural and rhythmic wealth of their studio experimentations into the world of flesh and bone interaction.

This eagerness to build a full-blown post-sci-fi’esque universe and distinctively vibrant live experience out of a fragmented scope of influences was to be brought to another level in their outstanding A/V collaborations with Signe Dige, visual artist, VJ and animator living in Copenhagen: her work, saturated in high-energy psychedelia, is created through a mix of internet culture and fairytales, and is inspired by the mythical and the odd. 

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