Prison Religion

Hardcore punk music for club kids and rap fans: Prison Religion is the collaborative project of Richmond-based audio/visual artists Poozy and False Prpht. Since 2016 they’ve been fusing explosive trap music and devastating bass music, drawing inspirations from metal and hardcore punk. Their live performances are a dark and pure eruption of pumping industrial beats punctuated by raging screamo-rap which pushes speakers to their upper limits. Overwhelming, abrasive, ugly and confrontational, Prison Religion are eager to take their listeners to a noisy initiation and transgressive experience.

Prison Religion are with the experimental Texan label Halcyon Veil, have close ties to Richmond-based NON Worldwide and have collaborated with like minds and violent spirits Rabit, Endgame, Swan Meat and Lee Gamble — some of whom worked on Prison Religion’s latest album ‘Blockhead’, released in 2019. The same year saw the band playing their first shows in Europe including performances at CTM Festival, Unsound Festival, Le Guess Who? Festival, Creepy Teepee Festival and others. “Prison Religion are one of the most hardcore rap-related acts we’ve heard in years.” wrote Boomkat.  

Links: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Instagram