Soft As Snow
(AV live)

Norwegian duo Soft as Snow makes experimental pop for the end of the world, echoing the sounds of minimal wave and early Warp releases. The collaboration between musicians and producers Oda Egjar Starheim and Oystein Monsen started in 2014: when making their unique mix of menace and beauty, they completely avoid laptops in favour of analogue synths, drum machines and samplers, mixed with idiosyncratic vocals and heavily processed guitars. 

Soft As Snow have released multiple EPs and singles on UK label Houndstooth before their debut album ‘Deep Wave’ arrived in 2018. The album garnered effusive praise from notable magazines. “This is music that bypasses thought, and connects directly with your gut.” wrote Loud and Quiet about the debut album. 

Over the past years the duo have been playing at a range of international festivals, concert spaces, residencies and art galleries, from the main stage of Berghain to the Community Gallery in Paris. In addition to their live shows, Soft as Snow perform improvised sets based on heavily processed vocals and exploration of minimal sampling and electronic noise. Their set is accompanied by visuals from Guynoid, a net-based multidisciplinary artist blending classical training in figure sculpture with procedural 3D modelling and texturing techniques. In her work she explores digital identity and fusing of the synthetic and organic.

Links: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Instagram