Stroon & DevKid present Temple “Timbre Embers”
(AV live)

Dalibor Kocián AKA Stroon is one of the leading talents of the Slovak electronic music scene. His background of playing in metal and improv bands around the turn of the millennium later gave way to his unique way of fusing genres. As a solo artist he has spent the last ten years blurring borders between club music, experimental and contemporary classical music, releasing various music projects as well as working for theatre, films and commercials. 

His 2020 album ‘Temple Timbre Embers’ is inspired by the magnificence, grandeur and density of organ music. It has been transformed into an audiovisual show in cooperation with a well-known artist and graphic designer Ján Šicko aka DevKid, who is also the creator of the captivating cover art. “The visual concept of the project comes from the idea of a frozen moment in time. Contemplation or meditation. The visuals are based on simulations of generated movement of ’embers’ in time and space, controlled by different parameterised laws“ says Šicko. 

Links: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Instagram