Ursula Sereghy

Warm-hearted and witty jams honoring the nature of reasonable escapism. With a background in playing jazz and her formative years spent playing saxophone in a live hip hop band, Prague-based Ursula Sereghy stepped out of the hustle to focus on her solo music. Sereghy became a regular at Synth Library Prague, a space where she found the support of musically and politically like-minded individuals, and where she could nourish her newfound passion for experimenting with machines and exploring the limitless possibilities of sound design.

An extensive period of voluntary detachment from everyday life during the pandemic gave rise to the stunningly confident debut album ‘OK Box’, released by Gin&Platonic and fabricated by this dark horse of a producer. On her very first musical output Ursula draws wisely from her past musical practice, with acoustic or synthesized samples of jazz instruments as the furtive common denominator of the record’s sonic narrative, alongside manipulated field recordings and granular synthesis.

Links: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Instagram